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Studia Choreologica I Studia Choreologica Vol. I (1999)
ed. by Roderyk Lange

ISBN 83-908462-3-3
liczba stron: 104, ilustracje
wymiary: 146 x 210 mm
okładka: miękka
cena: 50,00 zł

The first volume of our series contains three studies dealing with diverse aspects of choreological interest.
Roderyk Lange investigates “The Position of Dance in Contemporary European Culture”. This is a programmatic survey, involving issues such as: The instability of the notion “dance”, the texture of dance, the urbanised environment and dance, the role of non-professional dance, dance and education, the teaching of dance, recreation and entertainment (ballroom and social dance), therapy and rehabilitation, theatrical dance, and the scholarly domain of dance choreology.
The ethnomusicologist, Allan Thomas, discusses “Dance Costume in the Central Pacific Islands”. This study is based on the analysis of various published sources, but also on the author’s direct field work. The dance costume is shown as an integral part of dance activities in the Pacific, and the significance given to it by the native people, is demonstrated. The author stresses the application of colour and vibrancy, as aesthetic qualities within a dance action.
The musicologist and dance historian, Monika Fink, surveys “The Function of Dance and Ball in the Opera Spectacle”. She traces the symbolic role given to dance in various operatic ball scenes. The author shows how dance is used as a means to convey a particular atmosphere, or to characterise a situation, inherent in the plot.

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