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Studia Choreologica V Studia Choreologica Vol. V (2003)
ed. by Roderyk Lange

ISSN 1508-1354
liczba stron: 114, ilustracje
wymiary: 146 x 210 mm
okładka: miękka, laminowana
cena:  50,00 zł

This volume contains three studies concerned with some general issues of choreology.
Roderyk Lange addresses in his article “Dance and the Sinful Human Body”, the origins of negative connotations on dance, within European culture. These were based primarily on moral grounds.
Zofia Konaszkiewicz based her study on “The Problems Faced by Ballet Artistes in their Work and Private Lives”, on direct research conducted among professional dancers in Poland, by dancers themselves. This gives an insider’s view into the sub-culture of professional dancers.
Dariusz Kubinowski in his study on the “Kinaesthetic Understanding in Dance Education, Therapy and Research”, stresses the need to apply spatial comprehension, which is based on some neurophysiological properties of the human being. The deep sensory receptors of movement in the human body were discovered not so long ago. This verifies the well known existence of kinaesthetic movement perception among dance practitioners.

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