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Studia Choreologica VIII Studia Choreologica Vol. VIII (2006)
ed. by Roderyk Lange

ISSN 1508-1354
liczba stron: 168, ilustracje
wymiary: 146 x 210 mm
okładka: miękka, laminowana
cena: 50,00 zł

The first two articles, by Placida Staro and by Ioannis Prantsidis, Ermioni Tsouloglou and Dimos Prantsidis, are concerned with the cultural re-interpretation of traditional dance in present times. The Greek article is based on participant observation, as the authors are natives of the researched area. Placida Staro, has actually been living among the researched people for a long time, and plays herself the fiddle during traditional local music making.

The next two articles deal with the application of dance in education and in therapy. Zofia Pelc reflects on her year long observations and research of people who are involved in dance practice. Zofia Aleszko, on the other hand, outlines her own system of dance therapy, and she indicates the relevance of movement and dance in rehabilitation.

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