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Studia Choreologica IX Studia Choreologica Vol. IX (2007)
ed. by Roderyk Lange

ISSN 1508-1354
liczba stron: 136, ilustracje
wymiary: 146 x 210 mm
okładka: miękka, laminowana
cena: 50,00 zł

This volume contains three articles based on presentations made during seminars conducted at the Instytut Choreologii in Poznań, in September 2005 and 2006.

Agnieszka Kowarska reports in the first article on “The Social and Cultural Role of Dance in the Life of Contemporary Gypsies (Roma) in Poland”. This article is based on several years of fieldwork conducted among the Roma Gypsies in the territory of Poland and Lithuania.

Tomasz Nowak writes about “The Function of Dance among the Polish Minorities alongside the Eastern Borders. The Results of Field Research conducted in the Areas around Vilnius (Lithuania), Hrodno (Belorussia) and Zhytomyr (Ukraine)”. This is a most revealing account on the dance culture of the Polish enclaves in this whole territory. The old written sources are scarce on the topic of dance. The fieldwork conducted by the author established the structure and the character of the traditional repertoire.

The final article by Jacqueline Challet-Haas, deals with “Dance and Movement Notation and its Relevance in our Times”. The author based her deliberations on the application of movement notation in various forms of dance, on the experience she gained in her work over many years. She arrives at the observation that the field of dance cannot afford any longer to stay illiterate.

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