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Studia Choreologica X Studia Choreologica Vol. X (2008)
ed. by Roderyk Lange

ISSN 1508-1354
liczba stron: 108, ilustracje
wymiary: 146 x 210 mm
okładka: miękka, laminowana
cena: 50,00 zł
This volume contains three articles exposing the various interpretations of Greek traditional dance over several decades, covering a large geographical area. The methodology applied and the various new aspects introduced make these studies an important contribution to modern ethno-choreology.

Ioannis Prantsidis, Dimos Prantsidis and Aristidis Prantsidis present a comprehensive analysis of the “Traditional Dance in Greece from the Foundation of the Neo-Hellenic State to the Present Day. A Historical Survey”.

Magda Zografou and Stavroula Pipyrou in their article “Dancing in History: Socio-Political Aspects of Dance Identity of Two Distinctive Groups in Greece”, explore the relationship between history and the expression of identities through dance. The Pontic people and the Cretans are the two groups comparatively assessed.

Vasiliki K. Tyrovola comparatively analyses the “Influences and Cross-Cultural Processes in the Dance Tradition between Greece and the Balkans. The Case of the ‘Hasapiko’ Dance”. The results present the properties and the exchanges of elements in the dance culture of the whole Balkan area. In this research project, structural, morphological and typological analyses were applied, within a diachronic perspective.
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