Dance in our times

Prof. dr hab. Roderyk Lange
convenes a seminar meeting on the topic
between 16th - 18th September 2005
at the Institute of Choreology in Poznań

Dr. Zofia Aleszko (Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, Academy of Special Pedagogics, Warsaw)
Dance Therapy as an Element of Integrative Psychotherapy for Neurotic Disorders

Prof. Dr. Egil Bakka (University of Trondheim)
Dance Folklore and European Academic Dance Studies

Mme. Jacqueline Challet (Centre National d'Ecriture du Mouvement, Paris)
The Relevance of Dance and Movement Notation in Our Times

Doc. Dorota Gremlicová (Dance Department, Music Academy, Prague)
The Changing Shape of European Theatrical Dance in the Modern Age

Joan Henderson, M.A. (School of Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh)
Traditional Dance and Education. The Scottish Experience

Dr. Rena Loutzaki ( University of Athens)
Traditional Dance in Greece and its Changes within Processes of Adaptation

Dr. Tomasz Nowak (Institute of Musicology, University of Warsaw)
The Function of Dance among the Polish Minorities alongside the Eastern Borders. The Results of Research conducted in the areas around Vilnius (Lithuania), Grodno (Belorussia), and Żytomierz (Ukraine)

Dr. Zofia Pelc (Academy of Physical Education, Cracow)
The Universality of Dance and Movement Forms. The Importance of Movement Prophylactics in the 21st Century Education

Dr. Placida Staro (Bologna)
The Function of Tradicional Dance in a Contemporary Setting

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