The Socio-cultural Aspect of  Dance

Prof. dr hab. Roderyk Lange
convenes a seminar meeting on the topic


between 15th-17th September 2006
at the Institute of Choreology in Poznań


Marion Bastien (FICKL, Paris)
The Various Technologies applied in the Usage of Kinetography Laban

Dr. Agnieszka Kowarska (Warsaw University)
The Socio-Cultural Function of Dance in The Life of Contemporary Gypsies within the Borders of Poland

Agnieszka Nagnajewicz, M.A. (Warsaw)
About Symptoms of Folklorism. The Case of the Polish National Dance Tournaments

Dr. Gergana Panova-Tekath (Akademy of Sciences, Sofia)
Dance as an Expression of Hybridism and Ethnocentrism

Dr. Zofia Pelc (Academy of Physical Education, Cracow)
Assessment of Morphological Development, Postural Improvement, and Rhytmic and Coordination Skills reached by the Pupils at the Ballet School in Cracow

Dr. Rebecca Sager
Digital Sound Analysis and Motion Capture Technology as Complementary Ethnographic Methodologies: Toward a Cross-Cultural Comparison of Rhythmic Identities in Caribbean Music and Dance

Jennifer Shennan, B.A., M.A. (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)
Fishing in the Sky, Dancing over the Sea. A Profile of the Dance Colture of the Banabans from Micronesia

Dr. Magda Zografou
(The University of Athens)
The Social and Cultural Dimensions of Dance. The Greek Dance Tradition

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